One tool for all your bookmarking problems!

Right set of tools can help you organize the chaotic Twitterverse. We make it easy to label, filter & organize your favorite tweets.

Capture. Organize. Learn.

What is TweepsBook?

It is indeed disappointing that Twitter does not allow for the categorization of the tweets you bookmark, wasting precious time finding a particular tweet you bookmarked a time ago. Introducing TweepsBook, an enhanced bookmarking tool for power Twitter users that helps you streamline the clutter by adding different tags and organize tweets based on your liking. With TweepsBook, your time is well spent learning rather than being wasted finding a particular tweet.


How to use?

  • Follow @tweepsbookcom to mention us easily.
  • Reply to a particular tweet you want to bookmark with a keyword "bkm" followed by a #CustomTag. @tweepsbookcom bkm #CustomTag
  • We reply confirming that the tweet you requested has been saved in your dashboard.

Here is a short demonstration on how to use TweepsBook.

Demonstration GIF